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Dog & Cat Food Products

Evolution Raw Pet Food


 Raw food is the best nutrition for pets. This Saskatoon company ensures they are using human-grade and federally inspected meats with no fillers or preservatives. Every meal is hand crafted in small batches by certified Raw Food Nutrition Specialists.

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Carna4 - Hand Crafted Pet Food


 Proudly made in Canada, Carna4 is unique in using certified organic sprouted seeds in it's foods. This provides superior levels of vitamins and minerals using NO CHEMICALS whatsoever. Quick-baked then air-dried, this nutritionally dense food means you feed less.

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Grizzly - Ultra Premium Food


 Available dehydrated or oven-baked, salmon is the first and main ingredient in this highly palatable and digestible food. Grizzly contains no synthetic ingredients and is great as a food enhancer. Made in the USA.

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Green Juju - Whole Food Supplement


This whole food supplement made from green leafy vegetables, provides essential nutrients missing from most foods. The quality ingredients are known to reduce inflammation and allergies, and improve the immune system for overall health benefits.

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Primal Pet Foods - Bone Broth

Bone broth provide much needed moisture to dog and cat diets. They aid digestion and joint health, and stimulate the appetite. Available in chicken, pork, turkey, and beef flavours! This can be added to any type of food.

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