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Common sense vs. marketing

We don’t always stop and think about why we do things the way we do, because often we just do what we saw our parents do, or what the TV commercials we watch tell us to do. When it comes to feeding our pets, most people feed their pets dry dog food, the way they did growing up. We have been conditioned to believe that dogs can only eat dog food and cats can only eat cat food. We are told that it could be unhealthy or risky to feed anything besides these highly processed foods. Luckily for us humans, we are told the exact opposite, and are advised and encouraged to eat a variety of fresh foods for optimal health. Common sense suggests the same is true for our pets.

It is usually when a pet gets sick, or when people make a change towards healthier eating for themselves that they begin to question the quality of the food they feed their pet. At Pawsh Pet Place we are always striving to provide the best foods, products and information for you and your pets. We believe that real, species appropriate food is best for pets, and we are happy to discuss your pet’s nutritional needs with you.

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