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"You are what you eat!"

Just as a house must be built on a solid foundation if it is to last, good food is the foundation of good health, for people as well as their pets. Unfortunately, it has become increasingly difficult to know exactly what is in our food, and even more so in the food we feed our pets.

As we share our environments with our pets, like young children, they often have higher exposure to many of our pollutants such as pesticides, air pollutants, and household chemicals. Consequently, they are sharing many of the same diseases as us. Like humans, dogs and cats suffer from obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Pawsh Pet Place is here to provide pet owners with information, and access to high quality food and products made by caring companies.

Pets aren't designed to eat the rendered, over processed, chemically laden, high carbohydrate foods of today. Dogs and cats are specifically designed to eat raw meat. The benefits of eating species appropriate food are many, and will bring vibrancy to your pets' body. It is possible to improve the diet and health of all pets by feeding even a small amount of fresh foods such as real meat, eggs, fruits, and vegetables. Incorporating one or two meals each week made with whole foods, or adding a healthy topper to mix with processed food, can improve pet health and longevity.

Start simple and make small changes and challenge yourself to learn more for the benefit of both you and your pet. We are happy to help along the way.

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