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Green is the Colour

The arrival of March brings the anticipation of spring and thoughts of things green; new plant life, St. Patrick’s Day shamrocks, and an exciting new product called “Green Juju” at Pawsh Pet Place. Green Juju is a frozen whole food supplement to add to your dog’s regular meal. It contains certified organically grown ingredients that provide essential nutrients to support canine health. You may be wondering why this is important or even necessary. We know that almost all dogs eat dry processed dog food every day of their life. What isn’t well known is what researchers discovered when they added green leafy vegetables three times a week to a bowl of processed dog food. It decreased the risk of cancer by 90%! The cancer rate in dogs is 1 in 2, so there’s never been a more important time to examine what you feed your dog.

Other exciting new products we have to add to your dog or cat’s food are frozen raw goats milk and frozen bone broths. These liquids supply much needed moisture and nutrition to any diet. The simple addition of real food products will add life and flavour to your pet’s meals, and put a spring in their step.

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