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Cats Need Love Too

Getting your dog groomed has become something people expect to do as part of caring for their pet. What isn’t as well known is that cats benefit greatly from regular grooming too. It is a common misconception that cats groom themselves. While it is true that they lick themselves, this practice does not truly get them clean. Their hair gets dirty and greasy over time and often matted. They need to be bathed and de-shed as much as dogs do. Dogs and cats feel better and are happier when they are clean and mat free.

At Pawsh Pet Place we groom dogs and cats. We use natural, certified organic shampoos that are safe and healthy, so you don’t have to worry about harmful ingredients that are toxic to your pets. We are pleased to announce that another groomer will be joining the Millionhairs Grooming team in July. Amanda Antony is a certified groomer who has been grooming in Brandon for the past 2 ½ years. She grew up in Calder, SK and is moving to Melville to be closer to family. We are happy to welcome Amanda back to Saskatchewan to help us better serve your grooming needs.

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