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The Cat's out of the Bag

Most pet parents are unaware that once a bag of pet food is opened that it is only good for about two weeks. This is due to oxygen reacting to the fats and oils added to the food causing them to become rancid. Repeated consumption of these rancid fats can contribute to many chronic health problems and may even cause cancer.

Storing pet food in plastic containers exacerbates the problem by contaminating each new bag poured into the container. If using a container is desired, it is best to leave the food in the bag and store the bag in the container. Buy bags appropriate to your dog or cat’s size to ideally have the food consumed within a week or two. If you buy larger bags, store them in the freezer to prevent oxidization.

Don’t buy torn or damaged bags, and pay attention to your pets if they are refusing to eat the kibble.

At Pawsh Pet Place we recommend feeding Carna4 dog and cat food for their superior ingredients, nutrition and innovation without synthetic additives and fats.

As always our number one recommendation is to feed your pets a raw, fresh, species appropriate diet. Talk to us about ways to help improve your pet’s diet and health.

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