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Tick Magnets

Warm temperatures are upon us, and so is tick season. It is tempting to reach for chemical tick and flea products, because they contain pesticides which make them highly effective, but it is important to realize they can have significant side effects. If your dog is in an area where ticks are abundant and you must use chemical products, you can try using them every second month instead of every month.

When the risk of exposure is lower, try using safer, all-natural tick and flea products. These products reduce the likelihood of getting fleas and ticks without the risk of side effects. Pawsh Pet Place offers only non-toxic tick and flea products in several forms. We have safe, Saskatchewan made, spot on products for dogs and cats designed to be applied every 2-3 weeks. We also carry an herbal blend to feed to your dog or cat for one week to deter fleas and ticks. We have natural sprays for dogs that are used when going outside.

Never use a chemical or natural product intended for a dog on a cat, as it could be deadly. Regardless of which product you choose, it is important to always take the time to physically check your pet for ticks.

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