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The Wisdom of the Heart

Sometimes getting a pet is purposely planned and sometimes it just happens. Either way, it is believed that our pets (dogs especially) choose us, even though we may think otherwise.

Humans are thought based animals. We tend to rely on the logical and analytical thoughts of the mind. Dogs are feeling based animals who operate from the intuition of the heart. This is why they are so special and good for us. Our minds can play all kinds of tricks on us, but the heart never lies.

Dogs teach us how to open our hearts to the wisdom of living from a place of intuition, creativity, and knowing. They show us how to trust, and how to create peace and happiness in our lives by keeping us in the moment. We can reward their loyalty by giving them our full attention, regarding them as equals, and treating them with the respect they deserve.

If you have the good fortune of sharing your life with a dog(s), be sure to tell them how much you love them and how lucky you are to have them. They will understand the feelings and emotions behind your words.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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